Our Vision

To work for life values, awareness and bringing happiness in every suffering life. To promote well-being & cultivate a calm mind. And to create eternal joy in the universe by teaching the importance of interconnectedness and oneness of life.

Tavleen’s Message

“Life has so many twists and turns, you never know where life takes you and when. You might be on normal track and may not be happy with what you get in life. But when the day comes that makes you realise how lucky you are to be a human, may be it’s not too late. Don’t just be exist, it is us to live and to be happy…”

Welcome To The Tavleen Foundation

India’s only Eternal Happiness Organisation.

Tavleen Foundation was founded by Dr. Gurmeet Singh Narang, after the sad demise of his daughter Tavleen due to bone cancer in 2008. Tavleen was an intelligent, sensitive, and spiritual girl, thoroughly involved in education, art, and culture.

Our story

“Dedicated to Tavleen’s fond memory, Tavleen Foundation is an organization committed to human values and social awareness & to work for contemplative studies. It is a small gesture to fulfill Tavleen’s dreams and spread her light around, just how she wanted it to be.”



Service Programs


12 Years Experience


Smile Spread

Four pillars of our programmes



To care is to love.
We think that not only the health of an individual is important but the health of whole family and our mother earth is also significantly important. We focus on total health-Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual health.



Education gives us wise understanding.
We organise programmes to teach the life education to participants, as we understand that without knowing life & death, one cannot be eternally happy.



Nature is major source of Joy. Everything in this universe comes together to bring a human being on earth. We are all interconnected, each one of us is made of non-self elements. We organise Walk with Awareness and Walk with Compassion to teach the importance of our oneness with the nature.



To be aware is to live happier life.
To look into deeply in life, to touch reality and truths, to feel the true love and to breathe in deep awareness, we organise programmes to get the awakening in all aspects of life.


If you want to have these publications, you may write us at joymanindia@gmail.com

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Nighttime mantra…….. Don’t let convert your negativities into beliefs. Keep only one #belief with yourself that the #human #life is not meant for #suffering.

@nonawalia @LadyGwright @HillaryClinton @FareedZakaria @EnSaluja @Jinnah_Club @LisaHaisha

The source of everything in this #world is,
Our deepest, most whole self.
Work is an important vehicle,
But we shouldn’t let it drive us.


Let’s let our #soul, #heart, and passion,
Be the driving force in our lives.
#missionhappiness #tavleenfoundation 🍁

God takes birth thru you. God walks with your feet.
He gives with your hands.
He sees with your eyes. He loves everyone thru you. It happens Only if u r able to give Him a seat to rest within your #heart.

Nighttime mantra….. I played tennis a lot. In this game,the game of life starts with -“Love All.”Life starts with loving everything.I wish it would also end that way. It can,but only when we allow the wisdom of death to teach us about life. 🍁

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